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Today it’s extremely hot @.@ I have many tasks need to be done and writing a post also is on the to-do list :D

Which english level you’ve reached? Hope it’s not similar to mine. My english’s very bad, exactly worse than anyone I’ve known. Although it’s improved rather much and the lastest time I was very deeply ashamed of my english skill over 2 years ago; even so, up to now, I could remember exactly in detail how that terrible day happened.

In the fate afternoon when learned at VUS, because of stuck traffic, I got to school late, not as usual. Maybe 20 minutes passed and I kept dizzy as get into the classroom; I tried to give the teacher a lovely smile… apparently it seemed not to be efficient; He stared at me… ah ha, look at his eyes, I felt he had something to confide or an incomprehensible thing what kind of smile I used was @.@

“You should be sory”, he said surprisingly. “Sory, I’m late”, I replied. “Sory, I’m late/t/”, he repeated again. “Sory, I’m late”, I did repeat. But perhaps he didn’t feel ok. Then, I and my techer took turns saying “Sory, I’m late” @.@

I didn’t remember how many times I spoke to him. However, I really felt the awkward. It was due to my bad speaking skill. Well, just a little difference between both of us is the pronunciation; you can see that easily. Luckily, from this day on, I’m never late for class ^^.

It’s funny, right?… I think I need to be changed. So, the necessary thing at this time is a motivation. I often imagine that someone makes fun of me cruelly, or I’m living in the so-called non-Vietnamese world. That’s ridiculous way :D

Then, you know, I must try to figure out an approach, ya, an acceptable and understandable approach. My friends ask me, how long I follow that approach in… Well, I think… approx. 2 days :)) kidding.

Another difficulty is probably time. How many hours you learn english daily? Perhaps it depends on how many hours you spend for your main job :D Though I’ve been out of work yet, but not sure I have too much time than you in learning English, rather, I’m able to get up later every morning than you :))

anw, enclosured links are all english documents I’ve collected so far. They are full of levels, and totally suitable for everyone from beginner to the advanced learners. Maybe it’s not an enormous amount of books; however, I think it’s not such a tiny one as well that you’re able to finish learning it in short time. I mean not a long time :D

“If you study english seriously, sooner or later you’ll become fluent” I quote a certain line from a book I always read repeatedly in many times. Well, it sounds perfectly plausible. But, “nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy” – another quote :D

Let me suggest how to learn english. To do that well, you should revolve around 3 rules:

Rule #1: learn everyday
Rule #2: learn every time
Rule #3: learn everywhere

That’s the way I use for my impossible english plan. Sometimes it doesn’t work :”> All documents you needn’t follow; you could use them as reference ones if you’d like. ^^. They’re classified according to skill; include books for writing, audio and video files for speaking and listening. You see the excel file for more detail.

I don’t wanna tell about them so much, everything I packaged is clear and usable. And of course, how to learn is up to you. ^^.

You should download the excel file firstly!!! Take your time and enjoy it. :p

  1. Excel file : http://www.mediafire.com/?ijy7dd9jdarm9m1
  2. Listening : http://www.mediafire.com/?8twt700331bkqas
  3. Speaking : http://www.mediafire.com/?a1bedam47rm5q7a
  4. Grammar : http://www.mediafire.com/?5n3y44na9o920b0
  5. Vocabulary : http://www.mediafire.com/?4eb5dzsmzc1c89l
  6. Idiom : http://www.mediafire.com/?sgx808oi0r0l4w3
  7. Writing book : http://www.mediafire.com/?ojn3fqsg1dnw3ln

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