Lovely days

7pm Friday, my friend accompanied me to the station. Ya, my friend, it’s nice and kind of her, somewhat nuts; indeed, she always feels ill at ease with my appearances under all circumstances.

7:10pm, after looking around this station, I found out a good place for sitting, at the back of the waiting-room where I could observe somebody’s moves. There was many kids here, very loud, sometimes I heard someone crying. @.@

7:30pm, whoa, that was a looker, came close to me… She sat down, stared at me with lovely eyes, and of course, likewise I did; she had a fascinating body as well, big lips, chesty… She was young, maybe the same age as me. I… I felt embarrassing… “Hi”, I said. She smiled at me, omg, a warm, lovely smile I’ve ever seen. “I…” I was halting, but a strange guy, suddenly, sat down on her right side and gave her the drink. She took it and hold his hands. Bugger! He’s probably her boyfriend, I guess so.

Well, back to my business after ridiculous things happened, I was reading the “Touch of Darkness”, Christina Dodd, the book I rather like.

9pm marked unfinished Chapter 4, I got on the train, in railway car #2, seat #45.

9:21pm, time to go, everybody was on the seat, but there was still a vacant seat beside me. Hope that it’s for a young girl :))… Opps, an old man @.@

An unsleeping night with a damn snore from that old guy. The temp perhaps ran down that I felt so cold. But they didn’t get me a blanket, as well as other passengers. Such the bad quality of service in Vietnam. When I got home, the first thing I have to do is to sleep immediately. @.@

On 2 first days at home, my mom bought a great deal of food and made a lot of meals for me… Chicken, duck, noddle served with beef, durian, mango, etc. ah, it’s the season for mango. :D

The air is so fresh here. I bring some books, but not yet touch them at all :)). I watch movies, chit chat with mom, swim in the sea, stroll the streets, the beach, meet a few friends, enjoy favorite food and drink. whoa, look like in a paradise. :D

I have 4 days in Nha Trang to refresh myself, and then, I face towards many difficulties in the rest of this year. The job, the diploma, the qualifications, the experiences…correspond with the money, the highly appreciation…

Alright, get rid of them, now I need to enjoy the lively life here.

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