A story of designer

One of my colleagues, who I have a chance to work with in a pitching campaign on digital, doesn’t care who the target consumer is, what story we will tell them. He does care the channel he can pick up to deliver too much information. He often seems to think more is best. He makes me remind a web designer, who asks me about learning HTML at the time after he completely got photoshop, illustrator skills. He knows the color, icon he should use, be conscious of difference between the good and the bad layout design. But he hasn’t yet developed a strong desire to know deeply principle of designing website such as Fitts’s law, Pareto principle, eye tracking etc. Instead, he thinks HTML will help him get more opportunities in design job.

1Web design is not simply using tools. It is to make something not only artistic, dramatic but also realistic for user. A reactive designer looks like a person design something, then he sends it to boss, waits for a feedback and revises it. Luckily, if that boss is a savvy designer, she will understand what he did. If she doesn’t know what fucking design is, she will throw a rough feedback to him. I wonder what his own judgement he relies on to explain or debate to protect his design is. All he need is a deep understanding on his craft, but actually he think himself that he doesn’t need to improve and make it perefect, he wants to spend more time to learn other tools.

Should pay more attention to channels…

digital_marketing__jpg_280x280_crop_q95Some marketers always want to build all great marketing campaigns with low budget, less time to invest and the best outcome. Wasting time in seeking ideas on youtube or creative sites, then packing and getting them to their campaigns is a common way they are likely to do instead of deepening their understanding of target insight on digital.

They pay more attention to on which channels they can run. They pay more attention to a vast amount of crushed ideas mixed from previous failed campaigns than need a direction. And when they present their idea or their way to engage with consumers to client, they are confused about concept, idea and channels because they don’t know how to reach beyond consumer demands. What happens around them are the fucking ideas they are trying to meet client demands.

… and devices?

In Vietnam, digital activity or digital marketing is the term often used to describe an activity happened on Internet and sometimes we call it Internet Marketing. However, internet marketing is actually a major component of digital marketing. Except computer, applications on other electronic devices e.g. tablets, smartphones, digital billboards, and game consoles have been used very little. Maybe we think spending money to create a stuff on website is lower than on others or due to the high rate of using internet, etc. In my opion, I don’t care which device or chanel is. But if you want to know channels on Digital, here they are: Channels_on_Digital

If you are looking for a Digital job or merely want to widen your knowledge on Advertising, I recommend that you should learn fundamental principles of digital marketing adapted mostly from traditional one. In other words, who has many experience in ATL, in strategic thinking will easily apply the knowledge of traditional marketing into digital marketing. The next articles I will write are Pull and Push digital marketing, ways to make a direction from client’s brief, ways to generate ideas, content marketing and PR 2.0.

I always keep myself thinking that when something comes to information, consumers have a natural tendency to pay little attention to things they do not care much about. Therefore, what we should do is to create a great content with a vivid insight to put into passion or needs of customer.

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