Lesson learned from World War Z


The movie attracts more attention on former UN employee Gerry Lane, who gets a mission: “Save the world”. He knows exactly what the damn goal is, but the expansion of zombie pandemic increase too fast makes him confused and not to know how to accomplish it… Here 3 points I learned from the Word War Z.

* The change

wpc1372932499When you are incidentally dropped into the dangerous situation or just have undergone hard times ever in life, you tend to wanna change everything. It’s maybe your life, your mind, or your environment. But the momentous decision be affected you deeply is that changes behavior. In this situation, Gerry use the previous practical experience to learn quickly about “12 seconds” of zombie transformation.

However, if you foresee or know about something before it happens, the problem turns out to be easier than you’ve thought. “First to know, first to act.”

When Gerry met former CIA, who got caught selling guns to North Korea, he caught the unique information about Israel. Israel sealed off their entire country days before the undead attacked man. They promptly built a wall once they got the word “zombie” translated from language of an Indian general. Why should they believe in that?

Jurgen Warmbrunn shared Gerry about the “The Tenth Man” myth: “If nine of us look at the same information and arrive at the exact same conclusion, it’s the duty of the tenth man to disagree. The tenth man has to start digging on the assumption that the other nine are wrong.”

And surely, he investigated the assumption logically.

* The weakness

World-War-Z-NewPosterAt the time zombies were on the street, they walked right pass a boy and didn’t aware of his presence due to his sickness. Zombies need a healthy host, and consequently avoid diseased bodies.

Gerry took the slightest notice of this point and produced a theory of camouflage : if people were sick, they would be essentially invisible to the zombie.

I like the saying “You understand the only way to prove this theory of yours is for some idiot to infect themselves with a lethal pathogen and then meet with her (a zombie), face to face”. You can learn and act like the others if you know that they don’t realise it looks like an inherent weakness in their mind.

* The spontaneous thoughts

brad-pitt-world-war-z-467When he was in a room stored many viruses : Typhus, H1N1, SARS, etc., the outside a zombie was waiting for do the final task to close the movie – kill the main actor. :D Gerry needed to inject himself with virus to make him become a zombie’s friend. Unfortunately, he didn’t know the appropriate virus. If he uses the wrong one, he could be dead anyway.

I remember the book I used to read – Blink of Malcom Gladwell. The author said that spontaneous decisions are often as good as—or even better than—carefully planned and considered ones. Sometimes if we have no enough information to make a decision, we should believe in our experience. And finally, he’s still alive due to his wisdom.

In the end, what I mentioned is before something need to be finished, we have to make sure that we understand it consciously first. Somehow, I don’t understand that when people climb up the wall, they always drop down a rope. For what? Maybe it’s a back-up. But it’s also for our enemies to climb.

“The problem with most people is that they don’t believe something can happen until it already has. It’s not stupidity or weakness. It’s just human nature.”

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