My top 12 best things in 2014

Here’s all good stuff I captured in 2014.

1. BOOK: Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions


It pointed out how humans behave. Experiments conducted over the past few years that show basically the same pattern: we humans behave irrationally, but predictably. You can scan this book through reviews (example:

2. MOTIVATIONAL CLIP: The secret of life – Steve Jobs

When you grow up, you tend to get told the world is the way that it is, your life is just to live your life inside the world and try not to bash into the walls too much. But that’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader, once you discover one simple fact. And that is that everything around you that you call life was made up by people that are no smarter than you. And you can change it. You can influence it. You can build your own things, that other people can use. It’s to shake off this erroneous notion that life is just there, and you’re just gonna live in it, versus embrace it. Change it’ Improve it. Make your mark upon it. And once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.

3. DESIGN: My best shot ever!

0a806ba9e3d325e32c762079b81e124e4. RESEARCH: 25 Positive Emotions in Human-Product Interactions


My friend, an ads planner, used to remind me that the more deeply I understand the media, the better I do campaigns. “Understand” doesn’t mention not only channels but the operating mechanism for using these channels to connect people. I mean customer who pay attention to you is obviously human. They need to feel like there is an actual human being. Be more authentic, listen then listen better and engage the conversation much more. In last year, I suffered from irrelevant indignation of ads, especially when I read online news.

5. STORY: old form but always be in new approachs.



In 2014, I took an opportunity to learn the definition of “story” word and excuted campaigns built based on it in Public Relations. The experts who always used the story (strategic story, tactical story, crisis story…), said that there’s a story behind everything. Sometimes the stories were touching, and sometimes they were hard and heartbreaking.

The fade-in-and-fade-out story (I named it :D), the typical formula is applied popularly in our society with new approach. Here it is: you are the A who has an object B and want audiences C knowing what B really is and wish to get B/ buy B

  • The starting point: You (A) spread a rumour. A little from the start and widespread after. The rumour is the kind of a story you never point directly to the object B. Instead, you tell a story connected to an object B’.
  • Reaction: Audiences (C) react rumour and can be divided into 2 crowds: negative and positive reaction.
  • You continue push media (paid media) which contents mentioned to B’.
  • Audiences (C) viral the story of B’ (earned media) and debate/ controversy over what the hell of B’.
  • It turns out that the truth of B’ is B. And Audiences (C) catch the object B as a complete surprise. They will dig deep into object B to find what B really is, how B connects to B’…

You can better understand through the case of The Interview Movie (Sony Entertainment), Angela Phuong Trinh with Dr. Chiem Quoc Thai, or everything happens around us. In my opinion, this formula is not to persuade someone to do something, but encourage them to be a part of story.

6. PRESENTATION: Does Making Things People Want Beat Making People Want Things

It seems a long one, but is worth reading.

7. BRAND: It’s Oppo.


Surely you couldn’t agree more with me. I got a surprise when I know that most interesting videos were produced by in-house team.

8. ADS: Thai Life Insurance

So touching. And you can view the good emotional commercials of Thai Life Insurance more at here.



I’ve told many people in 2014 is “try again” and “startup” is second one I’ve heard many times. =.=

10. PROJECT: Zuni is the project I’ve accidentally seen in November 2014.


Fundamentally, Zuni is online educational project founded by Mr. Le Hong Minh, CEO of VNG, and was developed by the Vietnam Internet User Community Foundation (VNIF). “This is a website based on an online educational portal, which contains online lectures categorized by topics or subjects and are provided completely free of charge for users all over the country, especially students who are about to enter the national university entrance exam.” extracted from press release of VNG.

It’s totally awesome. I’m very impressive in the UI as well UX of Zuni. It’s really quite simple, sophistication and very attractive at the first sight. The structure, box, font, color and other different features combine to form a beautiful thing.

11. Movie. The theory of Everything


Among the movies I watched in 2014, there are 4 ones made me stick: Gone Girl, Whiplash, Nightcrawler and The theory of Everything. They all had broadly similar points – from the darkness, a picture of conciousness and thoughts to beyond human control.

After watching Gone Girl, you might be utterly shocked if you are not a fan of kind of psychology. Me too. I can’t understand how people treat very bad each others. Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl was evil incarnate. She covered Ben Affleck with blood and unbelievable fictions. Ben Affleck was excellent in the role of poor husband.Anyway, the film driven you crazy can be a good choice for the complicated weekend with your lover :D

Whiplash is another good film. The story is simply imagination but complicated in action. We all had a dream of being a become great people, great single, great advertiser, but a little can reach for greater heights. Whiplash is an incredibly powerful film. If you’re looking for a push, a determined effort to achieve your dream, the films will probably be your destination.

Nightcrawler is the same motive for who desire to achieve the peak, but lying on the negative side. Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance as Lou Bloom will certainly frighten you. Through the eyes of victims, you can get his shots with a world of a nightcrawler. He teams up and also break it up with others to satisfy all he needs. One point really excited me is the thoughtfulness approach he used for everything in his life, mostly identical to in Gone Girl. Precisely, bravely and terribly.

The last one is the theory of everything I watched right after Nighcrawler. “There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. However bad life may seem, while there’s life, there is hope.” The Theory of Everything is not just a story about the science, but the science of love; and how life’s challenges that we face everyday, shape who we are, what we achieve. Someday our lives will end up as bright streaks or display forever? It depends on the hopes and passions we possess to go far away.

12. THE END.

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