Hi there. I’m Marcus

I’ve been working as the UX Designer at Hoiio. Prior to that, I worked with start-up companies. I have kept filling career path with my passion in UX, especially dig deep into user behaviors everyday to improve the how of connecting closely experiences on product to the world outside.

I have a tendency to enjoy making complex things around me more systematically to feel and understand easier and faster. My another strength is strategic and critical thinking I’ve got from agency environment when working with clients. When I’m not pushing pixels, you’ll find me in coffee shop with books.

Starting from 2015, on this blog, I focus on my experiences about life and breaking design. Hope you feel great here. If not, oh well.

Follow me on Behance – @marcpixel. You can email me at pixel.marcus@gmail.com

12 thoughts on “Hi there. I’m Marcus

  1. You are very good at English. U have interesting and emotional entries. I like it!!!

  2. Rất vui được biết bạn. Nhưng ko vào được Facebook của bạn. Tiếc quá!

  3. Hi em, tình cờ đọc blog này. Thấy giống anh ngày xưa
    Anh cũng dân Bách Khoa. Từng làm marketing và hiện nay đang làm tại ad agency!
    Hy vọng em có được công việc như ý!

  4. Thanks anh, bài About em viết lâu rồi, vẫn chưa update :D Em đang làm cho digital agency.

    Nice to meet anh.

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