Disconnected people

Today I tell you about a story of my friend. It happened two weeks ago; it’s such about a fairly normal manner. I call him “Jerk”, is the dumbest person in the world I could know… :D just kidding. He is a nice guy, a warm person with a good sense of humor. Look at him at first, he’s hideous or repulsive; and when talking with him, I think I’m quite true. :D Maybe he’s good at everything except a deeply terrible mime. @.@ Continue reading

English documents

Today it’s extremely hot @.@ I have many tasks need to be done and writing a post also is on the to-do list :D

Which english level you’ve reached? Hope it’s not similar to mine. My english’s very bad, exactly worse than anyone I’ve known. Although it’s improved rather much and the lastest time I was very deeply ashamed of my english skill over 2 years ago; even so, up to now, I could remember exactly in detail how that terrible day happened. Continue reading